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What if you could create a writing classroom
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Where students of all abilities can experience success.
Where even the most stubbornly reluctant are excited to write.
Where curiosity, ideas and creativity thrive.


Let’s face it. Teaching writing can be hard.

Especially when …

Your class needs varying levels of differentiation …

You lack confidence in your own writing abilities …

You’re struggling to engage all students consistently …

There’s pressure to address assessment criteria …

You’re strapped for time in a crowded curriculum.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Seven Steps teacher sitting next to his student as he writes

Two students collaborating while completing the Seven Steps Narrative Story Graph together

Let’s change that. With a simple plan that works.

The Seven Steps program focuses on the most high-impact writing skills and breaks them down into manageable chunks.

It gives you a clear and realistic plan to help you teach those skills.

Best of all? Seven Steps is easy to learn and teach. The learning is flexible and designed to be fun, collaborative and achievable.

As little as 20 minutes a day can have a measurable impact in your classroom.

Get support

Join 1000s of teachers feeling inspired and supported.

Get clarity

A streamlined path to writing growth. (No burnout here!)

Get results

No fluff, just evidence-based, actionable strategies that work.

What’s inside a Seven Steps membership?

Your membership gives you instant access to Teacher Hub, home of the Seven Steps program.


Watch this short video to see what's inside a Seven Steps membership.

"The Seven Steps resources save our teachers so much time and are exactly what we need. Thanks for making teaching writing so much easier and fun. Yes, fun!"
Leigh Tankey, Head of Curriculum,
Agnes Water State School

The Writing Courses

The writing courses contain everything you need to learn and implement the Seven Steps, and there is a course
for each text type: narrative, persuasive and informative.

This is ground zero for the writing classroom of your dreams, so don’t skip over them.

Simply follow the implementation plan to progress through the modules in each writing course.

Here’s what you get in the modules: 

  • Training videos – on-demand to learn at your own pace
  • Classroom PowerPoints – editable slides to introduce each Step
  • Exemplars – model what you expect from students
  • Lesson Plans – with learning intentions and success criteria
  • Writers’ Room – real writers on how they use the Seven Steps
  • Action Activities – practise with short, differentiated activities
  • Writing Challenges – stretch your more able students
  • Assessment resources – easily monitor student progress.

Laptop screen showcasing what is included in a Seven Steps membership.

Additional features


Resource Library

After completing the writing courses, find 100s of curriculum-aligned resources to help consolidate students’ understanding.

Use the search filters to easily find what you need and save your favourites to use again and again.

Classroom Planner

Add the resources you love to the Classroom Planner to customise an implementation plan that tailors the program to your students’ specific needs.

Easily download and share the planner with your team or leadership.

Assessment Tools

Monitor and report on students’ progress using the Track Your Success resources.

Our marking guides and results spreadsheet make it easy to identify common strengths and weaknesses in your students’ writing.

Is Seven Steps right for you?

  • Are you a passionate educator who wants to grow your teaching practice alongside your students’ confidence and writing skills?
  • Have you tried building a vibrant writing culture but struggled to get traction due to competing student demands?
  • Do you want to teach writing the smart way, with simple strategies that get results but don’t increase your workload?
  • Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and burnt out?
  • Would you like to create a space where ideas and creativity flourish?
  • Are you ready to try something new but don’t want to do it alone?

If you can relate to any of these, Seven Steps is for you.

A testimonial about the impact of the Seven Steps program from a teacher who has a Seven Steps membership.


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The complete Seven Steps program for narrative, persuasive and informative writing
27 short training videos
650+ resources
Classroom Planner
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School plans

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Seven Steps is a change-agent for teaching writing. I want all students to experience the emotional wellbeing of not feeling threatened by writing tasks but becoming capable and creative writers.

– Dawn Veary, Margaret River PS
A Seven Steps presenter training teachers at a school PD

Custom solutions

We offer customised packages of training, resources and support for whole schools and networks.


How much time does it take to see results?

Seven Steps is a self-paced implementation program, which means you can spend as much or as little time as your schedule allows. However, for best results, we recommend spending the following amount of time on each Step:

  • 20–40 minutes per day
  • 4 or 5 days a week
  • 2 to 4 weeks.

Can I trial it first?

Yes! You can get full access to the Step 2: Sizzling Starts modules by signing up for our free Starter account. It’s a quick and easy way to see the impact Seven Steps has on engagement and writing skills.

Is this for all teachers or just graduates?

Seven Steps works for everyone: teachers who are just starting out, veteran teachers who have seen it all, teachers who prefer maths and science, and teachers who lack confidence in their ability to teach writing.

This sounds great but a new program feels overwhelming.

We know you’ve already got too much on your plate! This isn’t another pool of literacy resources you have to waste hours combing through to find what works. You’re going to follow a simple, actionable, proven plan. So you’ll know exactly what to do (and how to do it). It’s the opposite of overwhelming.

I have a ‘tricky’ class, is this still for me?

The Seven Steps approach makes writing fun and achievable for every student. Teachers are often amazed that it caters to such a diversity of needs, ages and learners, including EAL/D students, gifted, ASD and ADHD students, and even reluctant boys.

I’m a Literacy Leader, can I use this with my team?

Yes! Seven Steps is perfect for any school leader looking to build a vibrant writing culture, boost teacher confidence, increase engagement and improve writing results. Our implementation action plans make it easy to roll the program out within teams and across whole schools. Introduce each Step by watching the short training video together before teachers roll it out in the classroom using the resources in the modules. Then, allocate time in staff meetings to share student samples and writing data, and reflect on the successes and challenges.

I’m already trained in the Seven Steps, do I need this?

If you want a Step-by-Step implementation guide for rolling out the program in your classroom, along with an almost endless supply of curriculum-aligned resources to keep the learning fresh, PLUS refresher training videos you can replay on demand … then, yes – this is most definitely for you.

Is this an evidence-based program?

The Seven Steps is based on best-practice pedagogy and supported by years of educational research. The program aligns well with many teaching approaches, including explicit instruction, inquiry learning and the science of learning. 

Learn more about our evidence-based approach.

Does Seven Steps align with the curriculum?

Yes, Seven Steps resources are aligned to both the Australian Curriculum: English and the NSW English Syllabus.

View our curriculum matching grids.