NAPLAN Writing and the Seven Steps

What does NAPLAN value?

Good news! NAPLAN values great writing. Out of the possible 47 (48 for Narrative) marks, 36 (or 37 for Narrative) are attributed to author-focused criteria like Ideas, Audience, Cohesion, Character & Setting, Persuasive Devices, etc. The ‘secretarial’ side of writing (Spelling and Punctuation) meanwhile only accounts for 11 marks.

As you can see from the NAPLAN Marking Guides for narrative and persuasive, they value writing that is well-rounded and engaging. So, focus on teaching students how to become engaging writers and see the impact that it has on their results.

Build your students’ authorial skills with the Seven Steps

The Seven Steps focuses on teaching students the authorial side of writing – originality, creativity, the craft of writing. Why? Because that is what makes for fantastic writing that readers love.

‘Our Writing result in Year 9 is against the national trend which showed a 1.7% drop from 2014 to 2015, where our result went up by 11.4%. I can guarantee our writing success was due to students being exposed to the Seven Steps of Writing Success. Students love it.’
– Valissa Bauer, Literacy Coach

For more ideas on how to improve your NAPLAN Writing results, check out the following resources.

NAPLAN Writing Samples

  • Narrative and persuasive writing exemplars to help you deconstruct great writing in your classroom.
  • See how the Seven Steps help structure and enhance a NAPLAN response.
  • Gain valuable insights into the planning, writing and editing of a text under NAPLAN test conditions.

4-week teaching guide for NAPLAN

Here’s our suggestion on how to help students pull everything they have learnt together to create an entire text, on their own, in 40 minutes. Feel free to speed up or slow down this test practice process with your students based on their ability level.

The complete NAPLAN writing guide for teachers

Prepare your students for the NAPLAN writing task by creating great writers.

NAPLAN insights and stories

Practical tips and insights to help prepare your students for NAPLAN writing.

Classroom Activities
NAPLAN preparation – top tips and activities
7 min
Top Tips
NAPLAN Online – top 10 preparation tips
4 min
“I can tell you our Year 5 NAPLAN writing results (which was the only thing going downwards in our results) has improved so much (particularly amongst the targeted boys) that our auditor initially did not believe our data!! He wanted to take it home and study it. Wow!”
Genevieve Clark
Literacy Coach
Two things we’ve learnt from NAPLAN
3 min
Our writing result in Year 9 went up by 11.4%! I can guarantee our writing success was due to students being exposed to the Seven Steps. Students love it.
Valissa Bauer
Literacy Coach
Expert Insight
6 myths about NAP – persuasive
5 min
Classroom Inspiration
Turning around hearts, minds and writing results
5 min
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Training and resources to transform student engagement and writing data.

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