One of the most frequently asked questions from literacy leaders and teachers alike is does Seven Steps align with the Australian Curriculum: English and the NSW English Syllabus. The answer is yes!

Our newest Teacher Hub resources and tools are designed to help you tick off the curriculum requirements and teach the Seven Steps.

Curriculum Matching Grids

The Australian Curriculum Matching Grid gives an overview of how the relevant strands and sub-strands in the Australian Curriculum: English are addressed and which Steps to focus on in each instance.

The NSW Syllabus Matching Grid and the NSW Textual Concepts Matching Grid demonstrate how the relevant focus areas, textual concepts, outcomes and literacy learning progressions in the NSW Syllabus are addressed and which Steps to focus on in each instance.


NSW-specific resources

Exclusive to Teacher Hub members, these ready-made resources are designed to help you teach the Seven Steps alongside the units provided by the NSW Department of Education.

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Curriculum filters

Teacher Hub members, in the Resource Library, under ‘More Filters’, we’ve added a range of new curriculum filters to help you find specific resources that align with:

  • the strands and sub-strands in the Australian Curriculum: English
  • the different language modes (reading and viewing, speaking and listening, writing)
  • the focus areas and textual concepts in the NSW English Syllabus.

Get ready to Plan for Success with the help of these new filters 🤩

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