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Seven Steps to Transform Writing

Learn the simple and powerful secrets to transforming student writing. Discover how fun and engaging writing can be using the Seven Steps skills and techniques.

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“We absolutely love this program. It has transformed writing in our school. My teachers are actually excited about teaching writing now. Thank you.”

– Deb Featherby, Literacy Coordinator, Nazareth Catholic College, SA

I’ve seen an astronomical rise in engagement from my students, it’s been phenomenal.

Seven Steps proved pivotal for Dawn

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We've been inspiring teachers for over 15 years, at workshops around Australia and via our online platform.
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Teachers from over 50% of schools in Australia have learned the Seven Steps! That's why we're Australia's largest provider of written literacy education.
2,000,000+ Students
The Seven Steps methods have been used to teach over 2 million young Australians since 2005.

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Narrative Writing
How do you teach students to write a great narrative text?
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Persuasive writing
Nurture creative masters of persuasion!
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Informative Writing
Teach students how to have fun with facts!
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Seven Steps and NAPLAN

Don’t teach to the test. Teach great writing.
Develop skilled and confident writers, not just for NAPLAN, but for life.

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose Seven Steps?

Seven Steps to Writing Success is a writing program that empowers teachers to inspire their students to rapidly improve their writing skills, and most importantly, learn to love writing!

The Seven Steps can help you develop your students’ writing skills, improve results and increase confidence and enjoyment in writing.

Learn more:

What’s the best way to get started with the Seven Steps?

The perfect way to learn the Seven Steps is in our powerful, interactive and fun Workshop One: Seven Steps to Transform Writing. There, you’ll learn all Seven Steps and how to get started back in the classroom the very next day. Workshop One is available either as a face-to-face workshop held around Australia, or online through three 90-minute Zoom sessions.

If you can’t make it to Workshop One, Teacher Hub is another great solution. With in-depth online writing courses and over 500 simple and effective activities, resources and videos at your fingertips, Teacher Hub can make lesson planning quick and easy! Unlock your free trial today to try on-demand access to everything you need to learn, teach, apply and assess the Seven Steps.

Are the Seven Steps suitable for my year level?

The Seven Steps program was designed by an author for real-life writing, and was originally aimed at adults. So the Seven Steps are practical for anyone looking to write better – whether they are four or 100!

Our training and resources are designed to enable teachers to understand the theory through rapid-fire activities and examples that they can take back to their classroom the next day. We have resources that can be used with pre-writers, secondary students and all ages in between.

How do we use Seven Steps with other writing programs?

Unlike many other programs, Seven Steps focuses on the authorial, big picture skills of planning and drafting a text. We focus on the creative, fun side of writing in a structured way that teaches students critical thinking strategies about writing: what to say, how to say it, when to make certain decisions, and how to engage and hold a reader’s attention.

You can slip the short, fun Seven Steps activities into your weekly writing program, or you can use it with complementary programs that focus on other aspects of literacy, such as sentence structure, grammar and spelling.

There’s no limit to how you can fit the Seven Steps theory and lessons into everyday classes, whether you use Seven Steps as your sole writing program or it’s just one in your arsenal of writing tools.

Does Seven Steps align with the Australian or State Curriculum?

Our focus at Seven Steps is on the creation of great writing. Every education jurisdiction in Australia considers writing extremely important, and all educators want students to become the best communicators they can be.

Each state and territory expects its students to write narrative, persuasive and informative texts, to get plenty of practice, and to learn to communicate in written, verbal and visual means. The Seven Steps strongly support these aims, with a focus on students practising the component steps of writing in an accessible way – sometimes in words, sometimes in verbal and visual language.

For more about the curriculum, see the following blog post: Seven Steps and the Australian Curriculum

I’m not in Australia. How can I get started with the Seven Steps?

Many international schools are using the Seven Steps already and we’d love to bring the Seven Steps to you! Simply contact our office on [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

A perfect place to start? Teacher Hub!

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'Fantastic! So many amazing and easy to use ideas with simple application and minimal effort but maximum results! Seven Steps creates a spark and love of writing.'

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