… with Step 2: Sizzling Starts 

This ultra-simple Step brings the fun, creativity and enthusiasm to write
like nothing you’ve seen before. (Yep, even if you’ve got a ‘tricky’ class!)

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Why should I try Seven Steps?

Because almost daily, we hear from educators who are seeing incredible turnarounds in writing culture and results in their classrooms and schools, thanks to Seven Steps. From once-reluctant writers clamouring to share their work … and overwhelmed teachers with a newfound passion for teaching writing … to underachieving schools that have turned their NAPLAN writing data into gold. The Seven Steps approach works. And it can work for you, too.

How do I try it for free?

To help as many teachers as we can share the sheer joy of writing with their students, we’ve made Step 2: Sizzling Starts free.
It’s quick and easy to get started …

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  • Download the handout and follow the simple implementation guide.


Why start with Step 2?

It might seem an odd place to start. But trust us, Step 2: Sizzling Starts is the perfect way to create those ‘aha!’ moments students need to actively engage in writing. Quick wins kick off those happy brain chemicals and kids just want to write more and more. The more they write, the better they get at it and the more they want to write … you get the picture.

Can I hear more about Sizzling Starts first?

Sizzling Starts is so popular we trademarked it! But if it’s new to you, get the lowdown on this game-changing Step here.

How long can I access Sizzling Starts?

We recommend you allow 2–4 weeks to roll Sizzling Starts out in your classroom. But you can access the Step 2: Sizzling Starts modules for as long as you need them. When you’re ready to move on to the next Step, the full program is available with a Seven Steps membership.

What’s next after Sizzling Starts?

Sizzling Starts is just the beginning! To keep up the momentum in your classroom, continue rolling out the program with a Seven Steps membership. Subscriptions start from as little as $20 per month. Explore your options here.

"Seven Steps completely changed the way I teach writing! I’m continually blown away by the writing my students now produce and the massively positive impact on reluctant writers."
– Melanie Hosgen, Classroom teacher, Jolimont Primary School
"I can’t express how passionate I am about the Seven Steps program. The impact on students’ skills and enthusiasm for writing has been transformative."
– Diahnn Brennan, Assistant Principal, Dural Public School
"The difference in my students’ writing has been outstanding. My class now cheers when I tell them it's writing time! Thank you for changing the way I teach writing."
– Paula Atkinson, Classroom teacher, Our Lady of Mount Carmel