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What is a Sizzling Start?

If you’re bored of reading the same old introductions like ‘Once upon a time’, ‘One day I’ or ‘In my opinion’, then this is the Step that will change those boring starts once and for all!

Teach students how to grab the reader’s attention within the first few lines by starting where the action is or at the moment of change. Begin as you jump out of a plane or when the train is veering off the track.

This Step will show you how to transform dull beginnings into Sizzling Starts.

Step 2 Sizzling Starts chart

New to Seven Steps?

The Seven Steps are the building blocks to great writing. They break down writing into simple chunks. Just like learning a sport. One skill at a time.

We recommend starting with Step 2: Sizzling Starts as it’s the easiest, most creative and most fun for both students and teachers.

Most teachers see their students’ writing improve and their classroom engagement increase in as little as one week.

Sizzling Starts narrative writing sample

Text type: Narrative
Topic: The Cranky Tooth Fairy


Once there was a Tooth Fairy with a bad temper.
She always went out and…


‘Whaaaaat… Is that the fairy?’ the little kid in the bed muttered.

‘No!’ said the Tooth Fairy. ‘Be quiet. And keep your eyes shut or you’ll get no money for your tooth.’

It was her 104th visit for the night and her wings hurt and she was definitely over eager little kids.

Sizzling Starts in the classroom

Students love writing their Sizzling Starts and creating fun classroom displays

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Sizzling Starts Transformation Challenge resource download

In this 2-week challenge you’ll find everything you need to learn, teach, apply and assess Step 2: Sizzling Starts.

  • A 10-minute training video.
  • Sizzling Starts top techniques.
  • A classroom activity with lots of topic ideas.
  • Writing samples and examples.
  • Assessment resources to pre- and post-test your students.
  • A certificate to celebrate your students’ writing success.

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