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NAPLAN writing top performers share a common approach – explicit instruction

The Educator | Mar 2024
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PD in crisis: Teachers crying out for overhaul

Education HQ | Feb 2024
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How to win at writing: real schools getting real results

Bunbury Primary School

Education HQ | Dec 2023
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Seven Steps named Primary Publisher of the Year second year running

Australian Publishers Association | Sept 2023
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Tackling the writing slump in Australia’s schools
The Educator | Oct 2022
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Outstanding writing success for Bunbury Primary School
The Educator | Sep 2022
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2022 Educational Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA) winners announced
Books + Publishing | Sep 2022
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Teacher Hub: Wins Highly Commended at EPPA Awards
Educational Publishing Australia | Sep 2022
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Drawing on students’ experiences to improve writing outcomes
Teacher Magazine | Mar 2022
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Jen McVeity: Most Influential Educators 2022

The Educator

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Improving student writing skills
Teacher Magazine | Oct 2019

Creativity can be taught
The Educator | Jul 2019

How to succeed at NAPLAN
Education HQ | May 2019

'Creativity can – and should – be taught and practised'

Special feature – The Educator, 2019

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Award-winning author sits NAPLAN writing test

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