One of the most rewarding parts of teaching is seeing your students succeed as they learn new skills, develop their independence and overcome pebbles, rocks and boulders. It’s important to celebrate these moments with your students. 

Celebrating big and small successes builds confidence, boosts motivation and reinforces the positive habits and actions your students are developing. 

We recently launched new editions of the Seven Steps Writing Manuals which feature a range of annotated student writing samples. We couldn’t wait to showcase some of those samples and celebrate the amazing work of these Seven Steps students. 

Each student received a certificate and a laminated copy of their writing and can now call themselves published authors! That’s an achievement worth celebrating – congratulations, these students and their teachers should be so proud.

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Student writing samples

These writing samples were a joy to read and we’re honoured to include them in our manuals. Here are 6 of the newest young authors and a sample of their wonderful writing.

Informative writing

This writing sample has been published in the new Informative Writing Manual.

Lying back in the pitch black planetarium I felt calm. There were some quiet voices behind me but then the stars lit up above us and we saw the constellations. The seats were so comfy that my mum fell asleep!

Rauridh, Year 2,
Black Rock Primary School

Step 2: Sizzling Starts
(Start with humour)

Narrative writing

These writing samples have been published in the new Narrative Writing Manual.

‘Look, a bicycle! It is a weird one, it has got boosters on the back,’ said Laura. Laura and her friend Katie walked over to the bicycle to have a better look at it. But as they got nearer to the bicycle it started pedalling away!

‘That was strange,’ said Katie.
‘It had no-one on it!’

Amelia, Year 3,
Kalamunda Christian School

Step 2: Sizzling Starts
(Start with dialogue)

Amelia’s reaction to finding out she’s now a published author!

Thunder growled. The wind blew hard. The rain fell. A mysterious ladder twisted up towards the clouds. I wondered where the ladder went.

Should I go up it or should I stay where I was, nervous and shaking in the cold?

Jack, Year 3,
Honeywood Primary School

Step 3: Tightening Tension

‘Imogen,’ my Mum screamed. I woke up with a sigh, when I was wide awake I was terified and I screamed because I was flying in the middle of the air!

After I had calmed down I settled down for breakfast and told Mum ‘Mum I can fly now would it be alright if I go to school today?’ and Mum replied ‘yes’ so I set off for school by myself.

Imogen, Year 2,
Churchlands Primary School

Step 4: Dynamic Dialogue

Persuasive writing

These writing samples have been published in the new Persuasive Writing Manual.

Have you ever gotten lost in a book? Because I definitely have. An example of when I got lost in a book, was when I was reading one of my favourite books, ‘The Land of Stories’.

I got lost in this book because it is funny and happy, but also it’s a bit dark. I also love it because it’s a bit strange and I love that. Now whenever I’m reading a book in bed, I never want to stop! I never feel that way about TV!

Firstly, I think books are better than TV because when I am reading a book, I get so sucked in that I don’t worry about any of my problems. I do enjoy TV but I don’t get sucked into it like I do with books. When I read I also enjoy the peace and quiet. When it is quiet, I can connect my feelings to the book.

Anya, Year 3,
Sandringham Primary School

All Steps (Putting It All Together)

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Did you know that 92% of kids aged 12–17 watch TV or use the internet for more than two hours every day? This can lead to serious things such as bad posture, problems with sleep, and social skills suffering. But what if we switched off the screens and started reading books more?

Kids these days are becoming more stressed with things such as homework, tests, sports, school projects and much more. But watching TV the amount people do, increases stress. Studies show that reading a book for just six minutes every day can reduce stress by as much as 68%.

Who doesn’t love curling up in bed at night by yourself and reading a book that you love before falling asleep?

Thomas, Year 6,
Sandringham Primary School

All Steps (Putting It All Together)

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All of these student samples and more are featured in our new Tool Kit with annotations showing how they have used the Seven Steps techniques to engage, inform and persuade the audience.

To get your students writing like these Seven Steppers check out the new editions of our Narrative, Persuasive and Informative Manuals – they are jam packed with theory, exemplars and classroom activities.

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