Simple ways to include visual inspiration in your classroom

Creating a space to boost students’ creativity doesn’t need to be a chore. Make it part of your writing lesson and create some inspiring visuals as a class. Posters, writing exemplar wall displays and anchor charts are all great ways to showcase the Seven Steps techniques and celebrate writing successes.

‘Wow’ boards

How do you celebrate your students’ writing? Try creating a visual display like these Seven Steps teachers. You can use them to demonstrate great examples of the techniques your students are learning and to showcase the progress your class is making! Get your students involved by having them create colourful drawings to go with their writing samples.

sparkle_in_6 wow board

Another great wow board by hayley.gladigau

A colourful wow board by teacher.besties

teachingwithbrooke shares their amazing Sizzling Starts themed wow board

Anchor charts and posters

What better way to remind students of key concepts than having an engaging visual to refer to? Make your own like these Seven Steps teachers have done or use our colourful Classroom Posters.

Posters by missclarksonxo

year3adventures and some awesome onomatopoeia Sizzling Starts

News Seven Steps Classroom Posters - colour and fun for your classroom. Click for more!

Seven Steps Checklist Poster

Are you teaching the Seven Steps?

Here’s a checklist poster to put on your wall, just like Ms Chie has done. It’s a simple reminder of the Seven Steps – tick off the Steps as you go!


anopenclassroom shares her Seven Steps poster display

Writing Growth Wall

Check out this amazing writing growth wall made by @heyy_mrscarter. This display can be used for a variety of learning intentions. This example shows the transformation of a Sizzling Start from ‘amazing’ to ‘legendary’.

Writing Growth Wall by @heyy_mrscarter

As a class, students wrote our 4 levelled examples adding and sharing ideas to create ownership of this resources wall. I can’t wait to see how this wall grows and changes throughout the year! I’m so proud of all the effort of our year 4s in creating this as a tool for learning – Mrs Carter

Tip to get students in the Alpha zone

Seven Steps teaches students how to think more creatively in order to write original texts that engage the audience. Thinking creatively – or being ‘in the Alpha zone’ – is actually a different brain state to logical, analytical thought (Beta).

To really help students focus and let their creativity flow, they need to feel relaxed with minimal distractions. The right ambience is so important as it can help or hinder students’ ability to think and write creatively. Here are some ways to encourage students to get into the Alpha zone:

  • Decrease the level of visual stimuli by dimming the light and lowering blinds.
  • Use mood lighting.
  • Play relaxing music.
  • Ask students to close their eyes while they think.
  • Create a quiet, enclosed space, just like Jolimont Primary School have done with their Alpha Zone tent!

'Sssh alpha zone'! An awesome alpha tent from Jolimont Primary

Rebecca Drozdoff

Behind the teacher’s desk: My first term with the Seven Steps

Bec Drozdoff, a Seven Steps teacher from South Australia, reflects on her first term teaching the Seven Steps. Check out her insights and tips for using the Seven Steps to develop eager and creative writers.

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