With over 600 ready-made resources on Teacher Hub in the Resource Library and the Writing Courses, you can always find a resource to complement your writing lessons. But once you’ve used a resource, what happens next year?

The good news is our resources are not one-hit wonders. They can easily be adapted and reused by changing the topic, stimulus material or outcome to avoid repetition.

Classroom PowerPoints

Did you know that all of our classroom PowerPoints are editable? Quickly adapt and reuse them by changing the topic, there are additional topic suggestions at the end of the PowerPoint or you can come up with your own!

There’s also a blank PowerPoint template that you can use to create your own lessons using the Gradual Release model (I do, We do, You do).



Check out our extensive lists of exemplars for each text type and year level to help you adapt Seven Steps activities and create new ones!

Story Graphs

For more great examples of texts that demonstrate the Seven Steps, scroll through our story graph collections.

Classroom Practice Videos

See how one activity can be used in lots of different ways! The great thing about adapting an activity students already know, is that they can then focus on their writing rather than trying to understand a new activity.

Watch the Classroom Practice Videos and then use the accompanying resources to have a go in your classroom.

Never lose your favourites!

Remember to click the star on the corner of a resource to add it to your favourites! That way you’re able to find them any time from the Resource Library by clicking ‘Show Favourites’ under the search filters.

Classroom Planner

Use the inbuilt classroom planner to create your own customised lesson plans and add your favourite resources for ease of access in the classroom.

Download your weekly planner and share it with your team or leadership.

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