Everyone loves the smell of fresh, new pencils. Or maybe it’s the smell of ideas?

At Seven Steps, we’ve dreamed up something fresh for you for the new year. We want to help you in your daily writing class. We also want to grow students’ confidence in themselves as communicators with something to say in their own individual way.

Writing prompts for practice

Teachers tell us that they are always looking for writing prompts to inspire daily writing practice. And as you know, the Seven Steps is all about short, fun, quick practice sessions so that writing becomes a reflex, a part of muscle memory.

Unlike other free writing prompts available online, the Seven Steps Writing Prompts focus student writers on just one of the Steps at a time. We hope it’s subtle, but we’re not asking students to leap in and write a fully developed novel on day one of the new year. That’s just not our philosophy.

Instead, we know from years of experience that writing starts to ‘click’ for students when they are introduced to the key component skills one at a time, gradually and with daily, fun practice sessions – until their confidence grows and they are ready to tackle the task of putting all of those skills together into one piece. That’s what the Seven Steps is all about!

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