An ending that has impact leaves that final convincing impression on the reader!

Here are three different techniques you can use to achieve this:


Technique 1: Link to opening/circular ending

The ending links back to the opening paragraph (Sizzling Start) tying the whole text together.

Sizzling Start

It’s the year 2050, at 9 am every morning I switch on my computer and sign in to my classes. When my mum talks about school, she tells me about her teachers.  Nowadays things are a bit different, computers do all the teaching!

Ending with Impact

You might feel like it is a good idea to get rid of your teacher sometimes, but can you imagine logging on to a computer every day rather than being taught by a real person? Think how much you would miss out on – the laughter, the ability to ask questions, the support. You’d never get that from a computer!

Technique 2: Paint a word picture (Show, Don’t Tell)

The ending paints a picture in the reader’s mind that supports the points made in the text.


Therefore, I think downloading music without permission is the same as stealing.


I browse through the CDs searching for Justin Bieber’s new album. I hope they haven’t sold out. Finally, I find it, casually slip it into my pocket and walk out of the shop. Most people would call this stealing and yet lots of people do exactly the same thing when they download music online without paying.

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Technique 3: Call to action

The ending tells the reader exactly how they can make a difference.


In conclusion, everyone should donate blood.


What does every human have in common? We all have blood running through our veins, about five litres of blood to be exact. That means everyone has the ability to donate blood and help save a life.

Mastering these ending techniques will enable students to create truly spectacular and persuasive endings.

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Ending with Impact Action Activity

Practise writing three endings that pack a punch, one for each technique:

1. Link to opening/circular ending

Challenge students to write a Sizzling Start and an Ending with Impact for the following topics:

  • Dangerous dogs should be put down.
  • Boys and girls should be taught separately.

2. Paint a word picture (Show, Don’t Tell)

Write a Conclusion/Ending for these topics that convinces the reader by SHOWING rather than TELLING:

  • Television is harmful for children.
  • Good weather makes people happier.

3. Call to action

Write an ending for these campaigns that encourages the reader to ‘do something better’:

  • Everyone should shop at local stores.
  • Recycling should be mandatory.

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