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But with the Teacher Hub Writing Courses, it doesn't have to be.

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The Writing Courses are your ticket
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What’s inside?

✔   A course for each text type: narrative, persuasive and informative

✔   On-demand training videos to learn at your own pace

✔   The core resources to effortlessly teach each Step

✔   Implementation guides for quick and easy reference

✔   Assessment resources to help you monitor student progress



New to Seven Steps?
Start with confidence

When you’re learning and implementing a new teaching approach, you don’t want to go it alone.

The Writing Courses provide on-demand training, straightforward implementation advice and easy access to the core classroom resources.

Already a Seven Stepper?
Build your knowledge

Even if you’re trained in the Seven Steps, the Writing Courses have plenty to offer!

  • Refresh your memory of the key concepts.
  • Roll out the program school-wide.
  • Train new teachers and support CRTs.
'The online learning smoothly stepped us through implementing Seven Steps in the classroom.'
Tamsyn Terry, Head of English
Gold Creek School, ACT
'Invaluable in up-skilling our staff with the tools to use Seven Steps in the classroom.'
Lynn Mattingley, Master Teacher
Middlemount Community School, QLD
Confidence boost!
A recent survey of Teacher Hub members revealed that using the Writing Courses boosts teachers’ confidence in the classroom.
felt more confident about applying their knowledge of the Seven Steps techniques.
felt more confident about developing their own implementation plan.

Apply across all text types

Teacher Hub is home to three self-paced online writing courses:

  • Narrative Writing Course
  • Persuasive Writing Course
  • Informative Writing Course

Each course comprises nine short modules packed with the core resources you need to roll out the Seven Steps in your classroom or school.

Roll it out with ease

Each module features two weeks’ worth of hand-picked resources to help you learn, teach, apply and assess each Step.

Having the training videos and core resources in one place simplifies your life and saves you time!

The core resources include:

  • Implementation Action Plans
  • A Scope and Sequence Overview
  • Classroom PowerPoints
  • Lesson Plans
  • Exemplars
  • Differentiated Action Activities
  • Self-assessment rubrics

I love that I can go back to any of the teaching videos and watch them again. The support materials are also very useful and practical.

Sandy Tyndall, Senior Teacher

Do it your way

As you work your way through the Writing Courses, add the resources you love to the Classroom Planner to build your own customised implementation plan.

You know your class best so you can tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your students.

Track Your Success

Monitor and report on students’ progress using the Track Your Success resources.

Our marking guides and results spreadsheet makes it easy to identify common strengths and weaknesses in your students’ writing.

Boost your PD hours

The time you spend completing these Writing Courses counts towards your teacher-identified PD hours.

The courses cover the following requirements in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

  • Standard 3.2 (P) Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
  • Standard 3.4 (P) Select and use resources
  • Standard 5.4 (P) Interpret student data

Teacher Hub features

Resource Library

Over 600+ classroom-ready resources!

Classroom Planner

Create customised lessons using your favourite resources.

Track Your Success

Monitor students’ progress and identify common areas of weakness.

Get your whole school stepping in the same direction