It’s a simple shift in thinking.

The Seven Steps focuses on teaching students the authorial side of writing – originality, creativity, the craft of writing.

Why? Because that’s what makes for fantastic writing that readers love.

We break down writing into seven core techniques used by professional authors. In doing so, empowering teachers to transform their writing classrooms and unlock their students’ writing potential.

Seven Steps Impact Report

Learn how Seven Steps is changing schools across Australia and tranforming writing for life!

The building blocks to great writing

The Seven Steps are the building blocks to great writing. They break down writing into simple chunks, so students aren’t overwhelmed by writing a whole piece straight away.

Instead, they gain confidence with each Step they learn, to become creative and engaging writers.

Research and data-driven approach

The Five Secrets that underpin the Seven Steps are based on best-practice pedagogy and supported by years of educational research.

  1. Chunk large tasks
  2. Repetition builds muscle memory
  3. Think first, write second
  4. Verbal is vital
  5. Consistency creates change.

Transforming writing Step-by-Step

With Seven Steps, your school will have the training and resources to support you every step of your writing improvement journey.