We all do it: when asked to think of a story, ummm, err … the mind goes blank. Especially if we feel under pressure.

Our series of picture writing prompts helps students leap over that little hurdle and start writing. Ask them to describe it. Ask for details about the main person or people. What are their names?  Where are they going after this moment?

Each prompt is designed to help students master just one of the component skills of writing.

That’s the Seven Steps way: we break the large task of writing a full story into small chunks and help students to master these skills before they tackle the big task of writing a whole narrative at once.

Here are four more picture writing prompts, all free to use. Download loads of additional narrative, persuasive or informative writing prompts from the Resource Library on Teacher Hub – each of which has extra ideas and video links to engage students.)

Stories from history

Two of these prompts were created with resources from Museums Victoria’s ‘The Biggest Family Album in Australia’, which gathered thousands of people’s own images from across the country.

Writing about sport

We’ve also collated two for the sports stars amongst us, one informative writing prompt and one for a fictional narrative.

Finding ideas gets easier with experience, so a little push to start students off, some daily practice and hopefully those ideas will start to trot right onto the page.

Looking for more?

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