It’s nearly the end of the school year – a time to reflect on your students’ writing achievements.

Students who have practised the Seven Steps during the year may be ready to put all these techniques together to create a complete, rich text. But, it’s important to make sure they have mastered the core Steps and elements of writing before writing a full piece. Once your students are ready, it’s time to take the next Step – putting all their writing techniques together!

Before encouraging your students to write solo, ask them to work in small groups, brainstorming ideas, researching, and planning. Once they have planned their text, each student can pick a paragraph to write, such as the Sizzling Start or Exciting Ending. The end result is a complete text!

Informative Picture Writing Prompts – Putting It All Together

These four simple writing prompts ask students to draft short informative texts.

Feel free to remind students of all the skills and techniques they have learnt, such as:

  • Which questions will you research, and how can you make facts sound more interesting? How will you sort and group facts once you’ve found them? Remember to remind students of the advantages of group work, for example, sharing the load, and sectioning off the research (Step 1)
  • How will I grab the reader at the start? (Step 2)
  • Where can I build tension and how? (Step 3)
  • Which experts should I ask about this topic? (Step 4)
  • How do I make it feel real by showing, rather than telling? (Step 5)
  • What should I leave out to make my text stronger? (Step 6)
  • How will the ending grip my reader and make them want to know more? (Step 7)

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How do you get your students from working collaboratively to writing a piece solo?

By slowly reducing group numbers over time, their confidence will increase and they’ll be eager to write independently. If you are looking to further your students’ writing skills and want to learn how your students can apply all Seven Steps to write a complete text, Workshop Two: Putting It All Together will show you how.

You’ll also learn to:

  • understand the similarities between the different text types to teach students powerful planning techniques
  •  use explicit feedback to improve student writing and progress students to self-assessment
  •  hone your teaching skills with more in-depth and richer strategies for students.

All of this and more is covered in Workshop Two, a vital learning session for teachers to fully grasp how to help students bring everything they have learned together in a complete text, and write that fantastic and captivating piece!