One of our most requested resources by literacy leaders and teachers alike is a document showing how the Seven Steps aligns with the curriculum. Our newest Teacher Hub resource is an invaluable reference tool for ensuring that you are meeting the curriculum requirements when teaching the Seven Steps.

Australian Curriculum Matching Grid

This matching grid is a reference tool showing how the Seven Steps program covers the curriculum requirements, not just in writing but across all language modes.

It gives an overview of how the Australian Curriculum: English strands and sub-strands are addressed and identifies which Steps are the most relevant in each instance.

New curriculum filters 🔍

In the Resource Library, under ‘More Filters’, we’ve added three new curriculum filters – Language, Literacy, and Literature.

These filters will help you find specific resources that align with the strands and sub-strands in the Australian Curriculum.

All 650 resources have now been matched to the Australian Curriculum!

NSW Curriculum Matching
We have created matching grid for the new NSW English Syllabus and added new curriculum filters – NSW focus areas and NSW textual concepts. Find out more in the NSW Syllabus and Seven Steps blog.