The changes to the NSW Syllabus have everyone in a spin. With so much to get your head around and so much to cover in the new units of work, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We hear you!

To support you in 2024, we’ve been busy working on a range of resources and tools to show how the Seven Steps aligns with the new NSW English Syllabus. So don’t ditch all the great progress you’ve made – you can tick off the curriculum requirements and teach the Seven Steps. Here’s how …

NSW Matching Grids

There are now two matching grids on Teacher Hub demonstrating how the Seven Steps program addresses the requirements of the new NSW English Syllabus for Stages 1–5.

The NSW Syllabus Matching Grid provides an overview of how the relevant focus areas, outcomes and literacy learning progressions in the NSW Syllabus are
addressed and identify which Steps are the most relevant in each instance.

The NSW Textual Concepts Matching Grid shows how the Seven Steps program covers the 15 core concepts in the ‘Understanding and responding to literature/texts’ focus area and identifies which Steps are the most relevant in each instance.

NSW-specific resources

We are currently developing a suite of resources specifically for NSW teachers. These ready-made resources are designed to help you teach the units provided by the NSW Department of Education alongside the Seven Steps.

Story Graphs – NSW Mentor Texts includes a selection of the Term 1 mentor texts plotted on the Narrative Story Graph.

We will add to this resource each term as the units are released so look out for the updated collection in Term 2.

The Classroom PowerPoints for Early Stage 1 (Unit 2), Stage 1 (Unit 22), Stage 2 (Unit 1) and Stage 3 (Unit 1) have been added to Teacher Hub. These PowerPoints will help you tick off the syllabus requirements with the usual Seven Steps flair.

Watch out for the PowerPoints for Term 2 that will be added soon! There is also a blank template so that you can create your own units using the Seven Steps approach.

These NSW-specific resources are available on a Teacher Hub trial 👇

New curriculum filters 🔍

In the Teacher Hub Resource Library, under ‘More Filters’, we’ve added a couple of new curriculum filters – NSW focus areas and NSW textual concepts.

These filters will help you find specific resources that align with these aspects of the NSW English Syllabus.

All 650 resources have now been matched to the new NSW Syllabus!

Australian Curriculum Matching
We have created an Australian Curriculum Matching Grid and added new curriculum filters – Language, Literature and Literacy. Find out more in The Australian Curriculum and Seven Steps blog.

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