It’s World Poetry Day! Let’s celebrate
The power of words that captivate
The beauty of language and the magic of words,
Today we recognise the power of verse.

Haikus to sonnets – and everything between,
Each poem paints a magnificent scene
To move us to tears or make us laugh
To fill up our hearts or rip them in half.

To love or to suffer, to triumph or fall
The magic of poetry can capture it all.
So, join us for World Poetry Day
And celebrate the words that light our way.

Nurture a deep love of words
And encourage your students to appreciate verse.
Read on to find classroom resources galore,
To unleash your students’ inner poet and more!

1. Story Graphs – Poetry

Story Graphs are essential to Plan for Success,
The very first Step in the writing process.
Use this in your trial and explore
280 of Teacher Hub’s resources galore!
Don’t be afraid to dive right in
To all the good stuff within.

2. Instructions – a poem by Neil Gaiman

‘Once through the garden you will be in the wood.

The trees are old. Eyes peer from the under-growth.

Beneath a twisted oak sits an old woman.

She may ask for something; give it to her.

She will point the way to the castle.’

Open student minds to the power of poetry,
Unlock creativity and let words flow free.
Find more ideas to take this lesson further,
And your students’ literacy skills you’ll nurture. 

3. Student Exemplars

Students learn best by seeing great examples,
So inspire your students with these writing samples.
With encouragement, they’ll soon show
How their own creativity can bloom and grow.

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4. Writing Challenge – Text Type Transformation

Extend your students’ writing ability
And really stretch their creativity
To transform a poem into a short story
And unlock their potential literary glory!