• “Fantastic! A real pivotal moment in my educational career. Can’t wait to get started. Pina was amazing! Engaging…Empowering…A true game changer!”
    Claire Hayward
  • “Pina, what an inspirational facilitator you are of this amazing program. Many thanks.”
  • “I loved it. Lots of practical ideas I can use in the classroom. Very engaging presenter. Thanks Pina! ”
    Erica Sherlock
  • “BRILLIANT - I'm going back to school tomorrow and telling our principal that everybody in our school deserves this learning opportunity. Pina was truly amazing!!!”
    Lara Sullivan
    Year 5 Teacher, Our Lady of Lordes Tarro
  • “I just attended the workshop yesterday in Perth and although I was amazed by the content and can’t wait to use it in class…… I actually wanted to let you know how amazed myself and my colleagues that attended were with our presenter. She absolutely made the day . She was very warm hearted and her approach to the days content was done in such a fantastic way that there was never a dull negative feeling, or a bored period that you usually experience at these seminars. She is an absolute asset to the team and we want to thank her for invigorating our passion for writing in the classroom again!”
    Alyssa Campbell and Haajira Sallie
    Illawarra Primary